Tracks of Passion~a regional California history book about American hero Dave McCoy, Eastern Sierra skiing, and Mammoth Mountain
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"Just wanted to tell you how wonderful Tracks of Passion is. You've captured the real gifts of skiing - what caused me in the dead flat midwest, to ski down into old quarries and off barntops and municipal trash heaps. Bravo!" P.J. O'Rourke

Tracks of Passion is a blockbuster! It pictures the early days of Eastern Sierra skiing, not just the facts but the feeling of the time and the people. The photo collection is truly outstanding and because of my experiences uncovering local history, I can appreciate the amazing amount of research Morning did. What came through to me the most is how the book is written with love: love of the area, love of the people, and love of skiing.” Ginny Smith, author of several books about Mammoth

“Your book is absolutely AWESOME! You have done such a wonderful job compiling the story of Mammoth in pictures. I love the way you told the story by using quotes from the people who lived the story. You really captured the essence of Dave and all those who were drawn to him. It made me feel proud to have been a part of this history. Your story brought out all of my emotions, from tears to laughter. I can hardly wait until it’s published, in time for Christmas I hope. Tracks of Passion will make a great gift… I know so many people I want to give it to.” Jill Kinmont Boothe (to Robin)

“You’ve done something quite remarkable and beautiful.” John Fry (to Robin), former editor, SKIING Magazine

“Just as paging through his or her old family album can reveal someone's character forming year by year, Robin Morning's book makes the Dave McCoy story more human, more real and more fascinating.” Mort Lund, former editor, SKIING Magazine

"Robin Morning has spent much of her life living in Mammoth, including many years collecting photos and stories of the people from this overlooked region of California, the Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain in particular. A must read for anyone who has ever visited or lived in that magical part of the world. Thanks, Robin, for bringing so many wonderful memories back to me." Warren Miller, writer and filmmaker

"What a book! Only a writer-historian with passion for and years of dedication to the subject could pull together such a fine document and photos about the Mammoth Mountain ski resort, the Dave McCoy pioneering family and all those who took part in the founding and growth of this immense Sierra Nevada resort. It must be that same passionate dedication that put author Robin Morning on the 1968 U.S. Olympic Ski Team." Doug Pfeiffer, former editor, SKIING Magazine

Tracks of Passion is a highly personal account of the development and growth of skiing in Mammoth, and it joins the histories of Aspen, Sun Valley, etc. on the skiing bookshelf. It is also a contextual history of the Eastern Sierra. For many people with any longtime involvement in the sport, this book takes them back for a visit with old friends and acquaintances in the ski world.” Dianne Eagle, editor, Mammoth Times

“With the release of her beautiful coffee-table book, Tracks of Passio, Robin Morning’s decade-plus odyssey is now complete… it’s clear she could literally write another book to accompany this one, as each of the photographs she used has a story behind it.” Ted Carlton, editor The Sheet